Recruitment Process

The ACCE is an equal opportunities employer. All positions are publicly advertised in order to attract the best and most suitable talents.

Please click on the link below to view current vacancies across functions and grade levels. Interested applicants can apply for advertised vacancies or submit their CV's for consideration directly to Eligible candidates will be shortlisted and invited to go through the ACCE's four-step recruitment process as summarized below:

Step 1: Entry Testing School Assessments/Tests will be administered on all eligible entry level applicants and/or candidates for specialised roles. If found eligible and shortlisted, the candidate will be invited to complete an assessment which may comprise questions covering: Spatial Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Essay Writing, Verbal Reasoning, History/Current Affairs, Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. These assessments are designed to help ACCE determine if the candidate meets the minimum skill and competency requirements needed to succeed in the School.

Step 2: Pre-Interview Candidates who are successful at the first stage would then be invited to a panel interview which will be largely competency-based. Candidates are expected to demonstrate key capabilities and display cognitive qualities and skills the School requires.

Step 3: Final Interview This stage involves a one-on-one interview with one or more members of the Executive Management Team. In addition to more competency questions, candidates are expected to demonstrate industry knowledge and passion required to work in the ACCE.

Step 4: Offer and Acceptance Candidates who are successful at the Final Interview will be invited for an informal chat with a member of the Human Resources Team, where evidence of relevant qualifications/credentials will be verified. Following this, an offer will be made to the successful candidate(s) based on the role/function advertised.